Available on the Android Market
The Media Scanner App provides FAST secondary market pricing
information on DVDs and video games. Users utilize Media
Scanner at library sales, thrift shops, and garage sales to quickly
determine value. These items can be listed and sold for significant
profit on the internet.
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Free Monthly Database updates
No expensive hardware. Just your phone!
Its easy. No set up. Just start scanning!
A Free Lite version is available.
The Media Scanner Android Market app turns your mobile phone's camera into a barcode
scanner. Your Android mobile phone and a earpiece allow you to quickly and easily
determine the value of DVDs and video games.

Media Scanner looks up pricing information at MX123.com a leading secondary market site
that buys used dvds. We use their buy price when selling used items to them.

In our upgraded version we provide pricing information at Amazon.com Marketplace. We
use the lowest of the "very good" and "like new" prices. The Amazon Sales Rank is
represented on our application as a ratio. The lower the ratio, the lower the sales rank and
the faster the sales probability.

Audio tones are sounded after each scan for a quick indicator of the value of the item. You
can set thresholds that dictate what kind of items you are looking for. For example, you
can tell the app to sound a "cash register" sound after scanning items that are worth more
than $5.00 and have a low sales rank.

It's Just $5.99
Don't have your Android phone yet?
We recommend:
Motorola Droid (Verizon plan)
T-Mobile phone options
Quickly determine dvd and video game values with your mobile phone.